Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Due Dates and latest OB appt

So, went to the OB today. It was a great visit. Everything is looking wonderfully. The baby bean is doing well, HB in the 150s this week. The SCH has resolved completely and I am off light duty as of Sunday. I am officially in the second trimester now too! I feel great other than being tired all the time lol. She said most likely the SCH was causing the baby to have some slow growth at first so she's keeping my due date of 2/14 at this time until the next U/S. I'll be going for that on 9/15 and then we'll know what we're expecting... I have another appt on 9/9 and she may even give me a sneak peak then :P I'm starting to feel my uterus growing up above my pubic bone and when I have a full bladder you can really feel it. Baby's about the size of a peach right now and I am starting to grow. I've gained 5 lbs (eek) and I am officially not able to wear any clothing comfortably. I'm going to need new scrubs before 20 weeks I think and I went and bought a few pairs of stretchy pants and shirts today in addition to the others i've already bought. I am not quite maternity clothes big but getting there. I am going to bed early tonight to get an early start in the morning ;)

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