Friday, September 3, 2010

Great news from the perinatologist!

Had a very thorough u/s today (it's definitely 100% a girl by the way heehee), and the area they thought was an abruption was just a very large venous pool. I guess these are pretty common, and they think all the pain I had was a kidney stone. I'm so excited to have some good news finally. I do have pretty significant placenta previa which may or may not correct itself, soooo, if I start bleeding i'll be on bedrest, but right now just pelvic rest. My husband's far far away anyway, so i'm not worried about that lol. They also changed my due date back to the 25th, but said that where the placenta is has low blood flow so she's probably going to be a small baby. So, I'm going back to work tonight and i'm just going to take it easy.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

hospital stay and placenta problems

So I went to the Dr's office yesterday with severe pain in my abdomen. She sent me to the ER where they proceeded to tell me that the placenta was abrupting (pulling away from the uterus) and due to the baby's age they didn't think the baby would make it. I was devastated, in so much pain, and crying my eyes out all day long. My OB came in to see me last night while I was high on pain meds (the pain was too unbearable), but basically she told me the ER doc was a piece of poopy hahaha, and that the placenta wasn't pulling away again because there would be blood like with the subchorionic hematoma I had earlier in the pregnancy, BUT, the placenta is not working right, there is a large area that has low blood flow which is most likely why the baby is measuring small. There is also an area where the placenta has too much blood flow (which can also be dangerous). Oh AND I have placenta previa. of course. Soooo, I am going to go see a perinatologist this week to figure out what is going on with the placenta and hopefully hear some good news, and I may be on bedrest for the entire pregnancy. FUN. I don't have any PTO because of the last time I was on bedrest, and I don't think my short term disability will cover that long of a period of time. SUCKY. At least I have my home job and I can do that while I'm off, but that doesn't come near to covering the bills. Oh well, the pain is better now (i was contracting and I had a cyst on an ovary that most likely burst causing the pain), so they just sent me home this evening with follow ups every week. On a more positive note, I conned the u/s lady to take a peek at the genitals on one of the many ultrasounds done ;) and we're joining the pink team. hopefully. she said she was 80% sure but the umbilical cord kept getting in the way so it's not 100%. of course that's why i'm having all these issues. Boys are easy LOL... my boys were the easiest pregnancies, no problems at all hardly, this girl is gonna be trouble.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Due Dates and latest OB appt

So, went to the OB today. It was a great visit. Everything is looking wonderfully. The baby bean is doing well, HB in the 150s this week. The SCH has resolved completely and I am off light duty as of Sunday. I am officially in the second trimester now too! I feel great other than being tired all the time lol. She said most likely the SCH was causing the baby to have some slow growth at first so she's keeping my due date of 2/14 at this time until the next U/S. I'll be going for that on 9/15 and then we'll know what we're expecting... I have another appt on 9/9 and she may even give me a sneak peak then :P I'm starting to feel my uterus growing up above my pubic bone and when I have a full bladder you can really feel it. Baby's about the size of a peach right now and I am starting to grow. I've gained 5 lbs (eek) and I am officially not able to wear any clothing comfortably. I'm going to need new scrubs before 20 weeks I think and I went and bought a few pairs of stretchy pants and shirts today in addition to the others i've already bought. I am not quite maternity clothes big but getting there. I am going to bed early tonight to get an early start in the morning ;)

Liam's first day of school

Liam started kindergarten yesterday. I was so proud of him. He did so well. He didn't get into any trouble and he is so excited to go back everyday. I love how sweet he is. I also enrolled Kale into preschool starting next tues. They're getting so big so fast. I was proud though, I didn't cry, well, at the school anyway. Liam started crying when we couldn't get ahold of Daddy so I started crying too, but that wasn't long. He is so funny though, I asked him what his favorite activity was and he said "sharing and being respectful" so I said "how about PE?" "Oh yeah that too mom!" so frikkin cute!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the house today...

Well, today was like any other day recently, just sat around the house so far and now I'm on call for my "phone job." Lacey was wonderful and cleaned the whole downstairs before I got out of bed. I love her, she's great and so helpful. I am going to try and fold laundry today (only a week later) and maybe clean the bathrooms today just to do something to make me feel a little less worthless. On another note, I took a test called "intelligender" today lol. Basically you pee in a cup and it's supposed to tell you with decent accuracy whether you're having a boy or a girl. I know it's a coin toss and just for fun but my heart sank a little when it told me I was having another boy lol. Lets hope it's wrong and I get to spend my money on cutesy pink dresses and bows, but I would be happy with another bustling baby boy too, just add to my "team" haha. I'm sure by the time I give up I'll have a whole basketball team living under my roof.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Went to the OB today

Well, just got home from the OB. Little bean is doing good as far as we can tell. I have another u/s appointment on wednesday. If the hematoma's resolved they may take me off "bedrest" and I can go back to work. unfortunately they think I may need to do a little light duty for a little while. There goes my PTO. I'm sure my supervisor isn't happy about this but I've got to do what I've got to do to protect this little bean. I am not going to let it get to me. Liam went to the appointment with me and was so excited to hear the baby's heartbeat. I'm glad we got to share that moment.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The first post...

So, I was online goofing around and thought, "what better to do with my time on bedrest than to start a blog???" I've never done it before so bear with me lol. So, what's been going on with the Creekmores? one may ask. Not a whole lot of anything LOL. Eric remains overseas (meaning I am home doing what mommies do best I guess). We can't wait for him to come home (for good rather than just a visit like last time). I am currently almost 10 weeks pregnant with our third child (yay) but this pregnancy has been a whirlwind of little complications that are just no fun. From the extreme morning sickness (which is finally letting up a little), to the subchorionic hematoma that currently has me suffering on bedrest until at least tomorrow, I'm done already and still have up to 30 weeks to go! Liam is going to start school August 9th (It's hard to believe my little one's growing up so fast!) and Kale is just being Kale. He's a momma's boy through and through and is just loving life. We currently also have another family staying with us part-time that has been such a big help with everything from houskeeping to cooking and yardwork! I appreciate all they have done for me and hope they know it. I guess that's all i've got until tomorrow's appointment. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to work tomorrow and get back to a normal life. we'll see I guess.