Friday, September 3, 2010

Great news from the perinatologist!

Had a very thorough u/s today (it's definitely 100% a girl by the way heehee), and the area they thought was an abruption was just a very large venous pool. I guess these are pretty common, and they think all the pain I had was a kidney stone. I'm so excited to have some good news finally. I do have pretty significant placenta previa which may or may not correct itself, soooo, if I start bleeding i'll be on bedrest, but right now just pelvic rest. My husband's far far away anyway, so i'm not worried about that lol. They also changed my due date back to the 25th, but said that where the placenta is has low blood flow so she's probably going to be a small baby. So, I'm going back to work tonight and i'm just going to take it easy.

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