Friday, September 3, 2010

Great news from the perinatologist!

Had a very thorough u/s today (it's definitely 100% a girl by the way heehee), and the area they thought was an abruption was just a very large venous pool. I guess these are pretty common, and they think all the pain I had was a kidney stone. I'm so excited to have some good news finally. I do have pretty significant placenta previa which may or may not correct itself, soooo, if I start bleeding i'll be on bedrest, but right now just pelvic rest. My husband's far far away anyway, so i'm not worried about that lol. They also changed my due date back to the 25th, but said that where the placenta is has low blood flow so she's probably going to be a small baby. So, I'm going back to work tonight and i'm just going to take it easy.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

hospital stay and placenta problems

So I went to the Dr's office yesterday with severe pain in my abdomen. She sent me to the ER where they proceeded to tell me that the placenta was abrupting (pulling away from the uterus) and due to the baby's age they didn't think the baby would make it. I was devastated, in so much pain, and crying my eyes out all day long. My OB came in to see me last night while I was high on pain meds (the pain was too unbearable), but basically she told me the ER doc was a piece of poopy hahaha, and that the placenta wasn't pulling away again because there would be blood like with the subchorionic hematoma I had earlier in the pregnancy, BUT, the placenta is not working right, there is a large area that has low blood flow which is most likely why the baby is measuring small. There is also an area where the placenta has too much blood flow (which can also be dangerous). Oh AND I have placenta previa. of course. Soooo, I am going to go see a perinatologist this week to figure out what is going on with the placenta and hopefully hear some good news, and I may be on bedrest for the entire pregnancy. FUN. I don't have any PTO because of the last time I was on bedrest, and I don't think my short term disability will cover that long of a period of time. SUCKY. At least I have my home job and I can do that while I'm off, but that doesn't come near to covering the bills. Oh well, the pain is better now (i was contracting and I had a cyst on an ovary that most likely burst causing the pain), so they just sent me home this evening with follow ups every week. On a more positive note, I conned the u/s lady to take a peek at the genitals on one of the many ultrasounds done ;) and we're joining the pink team. hopefully. she said she was 80% sure but the umbilical cord kept getting in the way so it's not 100%. of course that's why i'm having all these issues. Boys are easy LOL... my boys were the easiest pregnancies, no problems at all hardly, this girl is gonna be trouble.